Monday, July 2, 2012

Really, Parise?!?!  I mean, REALLY??  I know people who have decided on their life-long professions taking less time to make the decision.  It took me less time to decide, plan, try, and become pregnant--and I had fertility issues!  This is ridiculous.

I wouldn't care one way or another about this whole thing if it wasn't for the fact that Parise's non-decision is affecting so many people/teams.  It is obvious that everyone is waiting on him before spending for the 'B-list' players.  This is selfish of him in so many ways.  I would love to see all of the GMs come together and agree that no one would sign him until every other player was signed--see how HE likes to play the waiting game.  (Yes, that is childish--no need to point it out.)

While I realize this is quite a decision this young man has to make, it's not as if he woke up on 30 June and said, "Holy shit!  I've got to figure out tomorrow where I want to play next year!"  He has had months--if not years-- knowing this was going to happen, so what is the hold up?  He has to decide what city he will spend the majority of the year in, playing a GAME, and getting more money in one year than most of the people who will watch can hope to make in a lifetime.  It's time to end this, NOW!

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