Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For many reasons, I could never be a GM.  The biggest reason I couldn't do it is that, by now, I would have called Parise and Suter and told them to go f*** themselves.  These two guys have pretty much held the NHL hostage these last few days and continue to do so while they make their decisions.  Hey guys, there ARE other players that would like to get contracts signed, too, and get on with their lives--you two aren't the only ones!  I am thoroughly disgusted.

I can't for the life of me believe that these two didn't have any discussions with their families, mentors, friends, loved ones, etc, before Sunday.  Both of these guys knew they were going to be signing new contracts this year, so they MUST have talked/thought about what they were going to do.  Granted, until they knew the particulars, no decision could be made, but they both knew they were going to be offered more money than God, so the only decision needing to be made was WHERE they wanted to go.  So, I can't see where the problem is.

These guys are going to get enough money that they will live extremely well for the rest of their lives.  They will make this money by playing a game.  AND they will only have to work for less than half the years most people will before they get to retire.  At this point, they are acting like divas.  Maybe if one of the GMs offered to remove the brown M&Ms from every bowl, then an agreement could be made.


Dagny115 said...

Listen. It's been 3 days. Even college kids get months to decide, and they get to take visits and talk to people. The difference between us and the GMs is that the GMs HAVE been talking to these guys and their agents daily, so they're not as in the dark as we are.

I fully agree that I'm sure they've thought about what teams they'd like to play for before July 1. But all of that is hypothetical until July 1 happens. I also think they got thrown monster deals at them that they weren't expecting, and deals from teams they weren't expecting. Let's say, because we're both Wings fans, that on June 30th Zach was thinking "Yep, I'm signing with the wings tomorrow". Then, Chicago comes out of nowhere with a huge offer and he thinks "hey, that's a cool city... maybe I should consider that". Ditto for Nashville, Pittsburgh, NJ, Carolina and Philly. I think a lot of teams have found money for him that he hadn't considered before.

Also, it's not their fault that NHL free agency is held up based on their decision. And, more than that, it's not their responsibility to make their 13-year life decision more quickly just so Matt Carle and Alexander Semin can field some offers. And until I hear one of them come out to the media and complain that Parise and Suter are holding up their lives, I don't think they really care. I actually think that they probably have some offers on the table already, but want to see if they get more money after Parise and Suter sign somewhere.

But the bottom line is, it's been 3 days.

cmk said...

Even though this is all moot, as they have signed already, I will answer.

I am assuming the biggest reason we can agree to disagree about the way this was handled is a big age difference between us. You probably are no older than my daughters and quite possibly several years younger than my youngest, so we have differing viewpoints. :)

All through my life, whether it was where we were going to live, buying a house, having children, or anything as relatively minor as buying a vehicle or major as life-altering elective surgery, my husband and I have discussed the situation before we were even faced with having to make a decision. So, when the time came to decide, we were able to do so rather quickly. We didn't have to hmmm and haaa for days on end, we just made the decision. Maybe this is a difference between generations, I don't know. But, life changing decisions just never were dragged out like this because we had already done the preliminary work in anticipation of the 'whenever.'

You mentioned college students taking a long time to decide where they are going. Again, I can't relate to this at all. I was given two choices when it came to college: either I went to the local university and lived at home or I didn't go. Simple choice. ;) Also, everyone in my circle of family and friends knew ahead of time where they could go or wanted to go and didn't need any time to make their decision--it just was what it was. Of course, I don't know a single person who has gone to an Ivy League school, so this wasn't a problem. I guess I just come from peasant stock. ;)

I would never have expected any player/GM/team owner to make any comment on how long this process took--at least not before the decision was made. NO ONE wanted to antagonize these two for fear they would sway their decision. Maybe now that all is said and done, something will be said, but I won't hold my breath.

And granted, it was 'only' three days, but I honestly think this was dragged out much longer than it needed to be.